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Steve Aoki: ‘Ladi Dadi’ (Part II) Featuring Wynter Gordon!

Steve Aoki goes dubstep on his new single “Ladi Dadi (Part II)” featuring Wynter Gordon! The 34-year-old DJ/producer has been pouring out straight up fire for his debut album “Wonderland” due out January 17th! The track starts off like a kinda smooth electro track, but don’t be fooled, it bursts into a hot dubstep breakdown at the 1:30 mark. Wynter’s vocals work perfectly on top of the infectious synths. This club dub remix is the prequel to the original track. My body is ready for Part I! What do you guys think?

Ladi Dadi (Part II)

BUY Steve Aoki’s new single “Ladi Dai (Part II)” featuring Wynter Gordon on iTunes NOW!


  • loudybadi

    coming from a house head, i HATE dubstep. it just sounds like aggressive noise. i think of house music as the euphoric dancing energy from a live show, a live dubstep show would be a bunch of metal heads thrashing their fists in peoples faces. absolutely hate it.

    • Tania

      I totally agree, I’m a house head too. i have seen steve aoki live tho. He’s crazyy and deff appeals to the metal heads more. I like a few of his songs tho. This one is pretty good and only has some dub in it. Its unavoidable since this is whats “in” now.

  • anonym

    wow..people..after seeing all the comments, u guys never go to a club don’t u? especially that person, loudybadi. dude, u just can’t summarize music by wikipedia and listening to the mp3 at ur house. u should come out sometime’, a club would be perfect for ur knowledge. just dance, and livin it. all music are good.

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