Will.i.am: ‘Great Times’

Will.i.am provides another taste from hew new solo album with “Great Times.” The track will serve as a promo and international single for “#willpower” due out next year. The upbeat dance number is a lot easier on the ears than current single “T.H.E (The Hardest Ever)” and features vocals from fellow Black Eyed Peas member Apl.de.ap. A video has already been shot in Rio de Janeiro. What do you guys think?

BUY Will.i.am’s current single “T.H.E (The Hardest Ever)” on iTunes NOW!


  1. Ricky

    Better than that other horrid song with Jlo. But way too repetitive.

    I’ll give him props for the beat though… it’s structured differently compared to your typical house/dance songs out now.

  2. number1k9

    Big Peas fan… Love Fergie’s solo music. Not a big fan of will’s solo tunes.

    This song was OK, nothing special tho. Def had more of a…flow…. I guess to it compared to “T.H.E.”

    I did like “T.H.E.” tho becuz of J.Lo and the catchy beat. Jagger’s screaming was a bit too much tho! Not to mention will’s verses on it were super annoying.

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