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Little Mix Win X Factor UK & Release ‘Cannonball’!

Moments ago, girl group Little Mix became the first group in the eight-year history of the X Factor UK to win the title! The girls came out on top and beat off stiff competition from runner-up, Marcus Collins. Their debut single is a cover of Damien Rice‘s “Cannonball” and it has just been officially released in the UK. I was rooting for the girls from the beginning and I was so happy to see them take the crown. I’m not big on X Factor‘s covers but I’m looking forward to their first post-win single and debut album due out next year. Were you happy with the results?

DOWNLOAD: Cannonball


  • Gustavo

    Yeeeeah, Little Mix aaall the way. I’ve been a big fan of the group since their first live performance. I wish all the best for them, they’re truly amazing!

  • K

    Um yeah, a spoiler warning would have been nice. The show aired like, less than 12 hrs ago and I’ve tried to avoid spoilers til i could catch it online. I didn’t realise I’d find one on my rss feed for your site!

  • Ashlee

    Is it really that big of a deal how you found out? It’s all over the internet at this point already. The outcome is the same no matter which way you found out.

    • Bogdan

      Astro sluohd stay cause he can rap really good and btw he has #SWAG… Drew need to go home really bad so does lakota range or sumthin like that… REASON: They sound lik crap their of beat in every song i honestly dont know why both of them are still on the show #REALTALK

  • mike

    Really, did u guys need a spoiler alert. YAY little mix!!!! always hoped they’d win. Just don’t want them to become super pop group like one direction (big fan by the way!), really want the en vogue direction but a little more appeal to the mass. Oh and leona lewis’ vocals never fails to amaze me.

  • mr.bouzou

    First of all I agree spoiler alert would be nice, it is still up to ppl to choose how they will find out about the winner and there is something special about watching the whole show and waiting in anticipation for the winner announcement… however it didn’t spoil anything for me cuz I watched it live 🙂
    I’d prefer Marcus to win, also Misha B and Kitty were amazing, but I guess will be hearing from them soon… :))
    I looking forward to see in what direction Little Mix will go…

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