Diana Vickers: ‘Music To Make The Boys Cry’

English singer-songwriter, Diana Vickers is slowly preparing the release to her sophomore album with the premiere of “Music To Make The Boys Cry.” Taken time from sessions of her second album, Diana has decided to share two new tracks with us this month before she moves on with her new album due out next year. First up is “Music To Make The Boys Cry” an instantly catchy pop gem. After parting ways with RCA Records due to creative differences many thought that Diana‘s music would suffer. I think not! The track is such a treat. Delicious! What do you guys think?

Download Diana Vickers’ new track “Music To Make The Boys Cry” for FREE at her official website!


  1. Alicia

    I really like this. I hope she’ll get another hit. I thought both The Boy Who Murdered Love and My Wicked Heart would be big and I was so disappointed when they weren’t. Her voice is something special.

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