Goldfrapp Prepare ‘The Singles’ Collection + ‘Yellow Halo’

English electronic music duo, Goldfrapp have just announced that they will be releasing their very first compilation album. Appropriately titled, “The Singles,” it will include the duo’s biggest singles from their five studio albums as well as two brand new tracks “Melancholy Sky” and “Yellow Halo.” The set should be enough until they decide to release their sixth studio album, which is in the works now. Alison and Will have already treated us to the dreamy “Yellow Halo.” Check out the video and full tracklistng of “The Singles” below!

1. Ooh La La
2. Number 1
3. Strict Machine (Single Mix)
4. Lovely Head
5. Utopia (Genetically Enriched)
6. A&E
7. Happiness (Single Version)
8. Train
9. Ride A White Horse (Single Version)
10. Rocket
11. Believer
12. Black Cherry
13. Yellow Halo
14. Melancholy Sky

DOWNLOAD: Yellow Halo

Goldfrapp will release their greatest hits collection “The Singles” on February 6, 2012!


  1. shaun

    Kind of a stingy collection in that it only includes 12 of their singles, personally 14-16 singles plus the 2 new tracks would be more ideal if I was going to buy this. Love Goldfrapp lookin forward to a new studio album!

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