Willow Smith: ‘Fireball’ w/ Nicki Minaj Video Premiere!

Willow Smith drops some heat with the video premiere of her new single “Fireball!” The Nicki Minaj-assisted track is the latest single off her Roc Nation debut album titled “Knees & Elbows” due out April 3rd! The video is pretty simple but features tons of fierce choreography and too much swag from an 11-year-old for me to handle. What do you guys think?

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  • RRM

    this kid needs to go away and return to school…just ‘coz she’s a ‘Smith’ doesn’t mean she’s gonna make it big, and again Nicki Minaj seems to make this song since she had more ‘diversity’ with her words during her is bloody repetitive

  • Tony

    for her age… she’s very talented i think. A couple years when she’s matured more i’m sure she’ll be like the next Rihanna or somin. I like this song… very catchy~

    I have to say for 11 tho… alhtough she’s really young… she got that charisma that blows you away lol

    • TLB

      I agree with Tony. Willow has a lot of charisma and presence when she performs. If she was doing a similar thing at a later age, people would probably respect her more. The video wasn’t as good as “Whip My Hair” though. The effects and editing in this one seemed really amateur.

  • Topher

    I want this kid to find a corner, have a seat, and do her multiplication tables! I just can’t get on the Willow Smith bandwagon. Sorry!

  • thatguy

    to everyone that says she’s too young to be so busy: can you do what she’s doing? can her age-of-consent counterparts even do what she’s doing?

    also… i suppose michael jackson should have just waited until he had his multiplication tables down before he got started too? and the supremes? osmonds? [insert early-starter here]?

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