Lady Gaga: ‘Marry The Night’ Video Premiere!

It Leaked! Just a few hours before its official premiere, here is Lady Gaga‘s video for “Marry The Night!” This is Gaga’s longest video to date, as well as the first she directed entirely by herself. With the help of Darius Khondji (cinematography) and Gideon Ponte (art direction), she has crafted a truly stunning visual. From when she first started (rock bottom) to getting signed, her story was beautifully told. You did it Gaga! Watch the mini-movie and comment on what you thought!


  • Ashlee

    Wasted? The video was beautiful. This is gaga at her most vulnerable. A true storyteller and artist. I loved it. She has won my heart again with this video.

  • Aaron

    So I Almost Cried Until I Saw Dress As Ballerina. But The Video Was Amazing. So Many Things Popped In My Head “Sucker Punch” , “Black Swan”, And Some “Bad Romance”. She Didn’t Copy, But It Was Very Familiar. I Wish It Wasn’t Censored. oh Well. You Did Good GAGA.

  • George

    This was my favorite song from Born This Way right off the bat and still is. I would have been good without about 6 minutes of the video and her lame attempts at showing skin just annoy me. I love the blue lips at the end!

  • Elizabeth

    I am so sorry but artists do not need to explain their videos while they are playing. I couldn’t let myself get into the beginning of the video with her explaining what everything was and meant and talking. She talks too much. Even in the middle of her best songs on piano she MUST stop singing and playing to talk and now she is talking in her videos. Why can’t we be left to interpret the video with out own imagination? I am sorry but I don’t think this is that good at all. It is like watching a movie with someone who has to explain the movie too you and annoy you. FAIL!!!! But I love her music. SERIOUSLY love the music.

  • mr.bouzou

    I don’t know, I think she’s overdoing it, again… I really liked her and her music, videos… but further she goes more it is obvious she’s just selling herself out… I mean remixes, gaga store, … gosh… too much… she should take a break for awhile… or before she does, she could release government hooker, scheisse or bloody mary that are my top 3 of the album… sigh… 🙂

  • james

    HOLY SHIT she’s so annoying.

    14 minutes wasted PLUS the 7 minute explanation that made NO sense whatsoever. Artists don’t need to explain metaphors — they explain themselves within the body of work. This video is a compilation of a glitz-and-glam re-make of the “poor little rich girl.” If anyone has seen Factory Girl, you may notice the similarity of it to this video… especially many of the angles and shots. Gaga may be good at internalizing and regurgitating emotions with an artistic spin, but I wouldn’t call this “original” nor would I call it “pop art” (another allusion to the Warhol era… hmmm) as she so nicely put it in her interview.

  • mike

    I don’t really understand all the hate for the video. It’s just her telling a story about her road to fame. The actutal music video looked cool, and the weird thing reminded me of power rangers.

    For me originality is subjective, original is whatever I first hear and see. I could care less is they copied someone else, if they did a better job.

  • Joe M

    Easily the best song from the new album, and probably the best single she’s released since ‘Just Dance’. The video was amazing, and her talking didn’t ruin it for me at all. Quite the contrary actually, it made it easier to watch because for once all of the weird imagery in the video made sense thanks to her explanation. And I also disagree with the above comment that said she should take a break. I think she should keep pushing forward as hard as she can, because there is no stopping this woman and she will be around for a good long time. Thank god there are still good musical artists in the world.

  • sjazz how annoying is this video. thank god gaga is flopping. please go away after this… unless you stop this ridiculous bullshit and just make good music with tolerable videos. or better without videos… this is a step in the WRONG direction… and at least make yourself presentable. cover yourself, woman! uve got ur audience all wrong.

  • RegualrJoe

    i used to be a big supporter. In fact i was the one who introduced my circle of friends to just dance but after her first album she has just become to much. Yeah media eats it up cuz its weird but soon it just gets old. I dont need a 13 min. interp of a life event and THEN your music video. Sorry gaga youve lost a fan!

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