Beyoncé: ‘Dance For You’ Video Premiere!

The full video for Beyoncé‘s “Dance For You” has just made its way online. This is the seventh video we’ve seen from “4” and will be the last to be included on her “Elements of 4” video anthology. The black and white video sees Beyoncé performing a seductive striptease for an infatuated male. Choreographed by Sheryl Murakami, the video is nice and all but did we really need a video for a bonus track. What do you guys think?

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  • Nicolas

    it’s really the last video from the album 4!? end of time!? i was here!? i want them to be singles >< i understand beyonce should not dance too much for a while, but i dont mind they make a video like 1+1 for i was here~ cuz it will be beautiful!

  • Petah

    This album is not her best by far (B’Day was of course). But it is so much better than her crapfest of album that was “I am…Sasha Fierce.” And I’m glad she stopped being so gimmicky (even tho “Run The World” is very gimmicky). All in all, “4” is da sh t. Haters gonna hate.

    Also this song is probably the best track on the album. Kinda sad it is only on the deluxe edition. But its a damn good jam.

  • Duane

    Really now… Her 4 album sucks? It’s how music today should sound (no autotune crap and electro beats). Love Beyoncé for being so giving and recording so many videos for her fans even though she didn’t HAVE to and could’ve sat at home and just disappear from the scene because she’s pregnant! She’s a hardworking artiste that’s seriously way too underrated this era!

  • ricky

    Do we need a video for a bonus track? How about do we need a video for every fucking song on the album? Because thats what her agenda is looking like.

    That being said, hot vid.

  • Jerty

    I LOVE HER VIDEOS! Unfortunately, she can’t promote it for now but if you’ll check some videos in billboard hot 100, King B deserves all her music videos to be on their places.

  • Mike

    “4” is not her greatest album but so far the best one vocally speaking.
    I think she made all these videos before she got pregnant or by knowing it… but I think “End of Time” should’ve been one of “4”‘s single, not from “Elements of 4″‘s single. From the deluxe tracks I prefer “Lay up under me”

  • Xtopher

    Im not a huge fan of Beyonce cuz everythings been given to her & she barely writes any of her music. But I do love this song & this video is awesome. very sexy & seductive

    • sid

      im sorry were u in the studio? when she was laying down tracks? no?

      then stfu. u dont know if she helped write songs or not. all you do is believe everything the media writes. grow up.

  • GC

    Uuugh, Beyonce & Rihanna need to just go away for a while! what is it with these ladies and dropping a new song/video/album every week?! We need a break!

    This video + the song is just OK. Nothing special.

  • noBey4me

    Let the charts around the world speak for the success (or flop) of 4. Im only a fan of B when she was in DC. Her sound now is so dated. Nothing groundbreaking or special at all. Its not even revolutionary. She needs to step up and make people interested in her like she was a decade ago instead banking on boring hiphop/rnb sounds. Dance and electro is the music now. She’s playing it safe. Rihanna is so much better, she explores and breaks boundaries/genres whether her music/video. Her time has passed i guess.

  • Mike

    I don’t think 4 is her best album, I think it has stand out tracks (end of time, love on top, and my favorite, dreaming) that beat everything that’s being released( i.e. rhianna(love her new album, but its formulaic)). It just comes down to taste, 4 is for a very particular palate.

    Just wondering, if we take rhianna, beyonce, lady gaga, maybe britney spears, and maybe Nicki Minaj out of the picture, are there any hot, up-an-coming female pop stars to replace them? I was kind of hoping Natalia kills would be up there by now, but I guess not.

  • Squigster

    4 is an incredible album. I agree with another commenter that people just don’t know how to appreciate anything that isn’t autotune or cookie cutter these days. I love this video. She is working the hell out of it. GO B! Kill’em Girl!!!

  • LiLo

    Damn another video? Like I understand she had to shoot all of these (except for Countdown) before she was showing, to release later, but damn. That’s a lot of videos.

    Anywho, I like the song. One of the highlights off 4 for me. But everything reminded me of Ciara’s Promise. Don’t know why though, they’re different. 😐


    I am just waiting for someone on youtube to make a video showing were this one was stolen from. Nice song overall beyonce not giving me sensual though. more like rabid with the hair flips and girating. i enjoyed 4 but I am just awaiting more dissapointment.

  • toosexy

    She must have really liked that promise by Ciara… as far as comparison….this video has nothing on promise..Ciara’s was really sexy..beyonce was trying to hard..and then them dance moves in the end..WTF!!! was she doing the gun smoke or some…lol…nice song..but the video was just okay

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