Selena Gomez & The Scene: ‘Hit The Lights’ Video Premiere!

Check out the video premiere for Selena Gomez & The Scene‘s new single “Hit The Lights.” The track serves as the third official single from their third studio album “When the Sun Goes Down.” The 19-year-old entertainer is having the time of her life in the video. Roasting marshmallows, setting off fireworks, swimming in balloons, being flawless, I want in. What do you guys think? Outside the US: CLICK HERE

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  1. 9021O

    AWESOME SONG!! I will request this song alot on the radio it’s perfect for the holidays and having fun in general! This is the kind of music she could make forever!!! I wish the band members were in the video I didn’t see them if they were there a little. this album is so good with Who Says, Love u like a love song, & this one, theres no genre she can’t do!! Viva La Gomez!!

  2. Jonathan

    I thought this video looked like a lot of fun which is perfect for the song! I wasn’t thrilled that this is her 3rd single, but I think it’ll do alright. I’ve changed my mind. Great job Selena 🙂

  3. Jeffrey Koo

    I do like the song because it’s an infectious pop song but the video is a major rip off of Only Girl in the World? Jumbo balloons? Been done.

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