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Glee: ‘Mash Off’ (Episode 50)

Mash Off” is the title of Gleeβ€˜s sixth episode and new episode this week. Congressional hopeful Sue Sylvester starts a smear campaign to ruin the candidacy of her biggest rival. Puck falls in love, and glee club directors Will Schuester and Shelby Corcoran (Idina Menzel) encourage some friendly competition between their clubs. The songs this week are: Hot For Teacher (Van Halen), You And I/ You And I (Lady Gaga / Eddie Rabbit & Crystal Gayle), Hit Me With Your Best Shot / One Way Or Another (Pat Benatar / Blondie), I Can’t Go For That / You Make My Dreams (Hall & Oates), Rumor Has It / Someone Like You (Adele). Tune into Glee every Tuesday at 8/7c on Fox!

DOWNLOAD: Mash Off (5 Songs)




  1. YES!!! I’ve been waiting for this since the preview for Rumor Has It/Someone Like You came online!!! Thanks so much!

  2. great post. Thank you ….I love your seasonal playlist and look forward to them every few months.!

  3. thank you thank you thank you πŸ™‚

  4. thank you

  5. Awesome! You rock! I’ve been listening to Rumor Has It/ on replay through youtube all week. Hopefully, they give a darn song to Tina sometime soon… and hopefully it’ll be more than one per season.

  6. Thanks for the dl! I can’t wait to watch the episode later and see how they used the songs. Hopefully they won’t let me down after last weeks GREAT episode!!

  7. great episode.

    glees really on top of its game this season

  8. Mercedes and Santana slayed that! And they looked amazing as well. Just don’t like the fact that Mercedes’s dress didn’t match the other girls’.

  9. The Adele mashup is seriously the best thing they’ve ever done on this show.

  10. Thank you Ali! πŸ™‚ And, of course, the Adele one is SMASHING! πŸ˜€

  11. Absolutely loved the Adele mashup. It was amazing. Favorite performance out of all of the Glee performances.

  12. i dont know how i can download it πŸ™ it dont show me the option πŸ™ help

  13. thank you…the adele mashup is what i expected to be….really good.

  14. Thank you sooo much!! :))

  15. the links don’t work anymore πŸ™

  16. Please repost these πŸ™

  17. the links have been removed… can u upload emmmmm πŸ™

  18. Neeeeed linkssss

  19. Anyway of getting the link to the songs from “I Kissed A Girl” and the “Mash-Off”..these 2 are the only links not working on this page. Can you email them to me or post them on this page.. thanks in advance.. love the site.

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