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Rihanna: ‘Talk That Talk’ (9 Tracks)

By now you all should know that Rihanna‘s sixth studio album “Talk That Talk” made its rounds on the Web last night. With the album just a little over a week away from its release date, a leak was expected. After giving the album a couple spins, I can already tell its one of my favorites of the year. Rihanna just can’t make a bad song and her reign refuses to let up. I’m prepping a full review for the release date but for now be sure to check out the album until you’re able to purchase it. Enjoy!

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  • mike

    Ahhh!! so excited thanks, love you da one. Rhianna has the formula and she follows it on every album, but I don’t care, because I love that formula. on a side note, don’t know where else I can post this, Cher lloyd’s sticks + stones = pop heaven, every track!!

  • Junior


  • mr.bouzou

    02. Where have you been – freaking awesome, this should be first single and not we found love, it’s such a club rocker!!!
    04. Talk that talk – really like the beat and rihanna’s part, not so much into jay-z’s… bridge is pure ecstasy! 😀
    05. Cockiness – sooooo different for Riri (and ppl say she’s always the same… :/)… and I love it!
    06. Birthday Cake – OMG, I agree with @ROBBY, this needs to be a full song, cuz it rocks my world… so far this album is hamazing!
    07. We all want love – reminds me of Nelly Furtado style, however another good song
    08. Drunk on love – Wow, Rihanna… this gives me goose bumps!
    09. Roc me out – Darker rock version of rude boy… another song to put it on repeat in a car!
    10. Watch n’ learn – cute but nothing special, however won’t skip it
    11. Farewell – Another proof she also does awesome ballads

    All in all her best album so far and the album of the year! 😀

  • Sean

    Upon first listen, not much sticks but I love the mix of electronic and live instruments. The instrumental tracks are very interesting. I do love that everything isn’t as cookie-cutter.

    Stand-out tracks: Roc Me Out, Watch N Learn, We Found Love & Talk That Talk.

  • soulie

    “Drunk on Love, Birthday Cake & Where have you been” are the only stand outs. The overall direction is surely different for RiRi but its actually pretty commercial and out there already. I love her for what she already is and don’t think she needs this popsy stuff. I love her dark and smooth!!!!
    And thanks for an entire album….

  • Mackie

    Swear I made a comment already but maybe not… Anyway, LOVE this album! She seriously does make good albums. Hopefully this doesnt hurt her too much, but I doubt it will.

  • Mar-Mar

    Jonny as always u’ve done it again & RiRi well what can I say, this album is freak’n AMAZING!!! It’s been on repeat since tha 1st listen…definitely can’t wait 2 hear tha bonus track!!!

  • DMB

    Love the album, I dont think its as good as Loud thou.

    1. Rated R
    2. Loud
    3. Talk That Talk
    4. Good Girl Gone Bad

    Stand out tracks: We all want love, We found love, Where have you been

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