Rihanna: ‘You Da One’ Single Premiere!

It’s here! The premiere of Rihanna‘s brand-new single “You Da One.” The track serves as the second official single from her sixth studio album “Talk That Talk” due out November 21st! “You Da One” was produced Dr. Luke and written by Ester Dean, John Hill, and Rihanna herself. The pop track touches traditional rhythmic RiRi island flava and is easily a quick favorite. It’s another worldwide smash, duh! What do you guys think?

BUY Rihanna’s second single “You Da One” on iTunes NOW!


  1. Ashlee

    I LOVE IT! It’s like she’s doing the same thing she did with “Loud”

    First a club banger and then a Riri island style pop track

  2. mr.bouzou

    TTT is a perfect blend of Rated R and Loud… lovin’ it… and this single is already on repeat on my ipod… :)))) can’t wait to see her in Budapest in December

  3. Ashley

    Dr. Generic has done it again… The beat sounds somewhat like Inside Out by Britney.

    But yeah it is better than WFL, not as catchy at first listen but it’s better. I can’t wait for this album though! Red Lipstick to be more precise!

  4. Muzikgod

    You people are on crack if you think this will be a hit. Won’t be #1 and less likely to even reach the top 10. WFL is way better than this song, not saying this song is crap or anything but it won’t catch on as you people think.

    1. Jasmin

      I beg to differ, this song will definitely be #1 on itunes long enough to reach the top 10 no problem. I’m willing to bet it’s her 12th number one.

  5. Mackie

    Um Muzikgod, I think youll be wrong. 😉 Its already blowing up on radio, three days of huge spin and di gains, if she does well digitally itll for sure hit #1.

    1. Muzikgod

      Well it’s only been a couple weeks on the charts and so far it looks like I’ll be right. It went backwards on every chart except for Billboard Hot 100, sitting at #14.

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