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Nicole Scherzinger: ‘Killer Love’ Bonus Tracks!

Nicole Scherzinger is just three days away from re-releasing her debut album “Killer Love” in the UK. The repackaged album comes packed with four bonus tracks including “Right There” with 50 Cent and current UK single “Try With Me.” The other two tracks are “Trust Me I Lie” and “Tomorrow Never Dies.” Both are upbeat dance-pop numbers that Nicole probably just decided to put on last minute. They’re nice but honestly nothing special. I’m hoping she leaves these out of the U.S edition being released on December 6th! What do you guys think?

Trust Me I Lie

Nicole Scherzinger will re-release “Killer Love” in the UK on Monday (November 14)!


  • Joe M

    I have always loved Nicole. First when she was with the PCD, and now that she has gone solo i love her even more. And while the ‘dance’ numbers don’t do anything to help showcase her vocal capabilities, they are still good songs. It’s a shame she isn’t bigger than she is…maybe the xfactor will help who knows.

  • Justin

    I kinda like the two tracks actually, though I’m not sure how they fit with the rest of the album. Now that it’s being re-released I doubt this could happen, but I really hope she releases “Killer Love” as a single!

  • Ruben

    Ali Your Crazy!!! These bonus are a treat!!! She must include in the US edition! Killer Love is an amazing album on its own and these bonus tracks make it even better!

  • Emmanuel

    The album in general is really cool. But it lacks sumn, some songs ain’t got nothing to do with main production in her album PShe mustn’t have included Amen, She will be love, the stupid duet with the crippled of Sting He didn’t add anything cool to her album. The song Try with me is kinda unappealing She has everything to be a Beyonce but She’s missing something cos the her album has potential or maybe her label isn’t backing her up like They should

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