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Cee Lo Green: ‘Anyway’ Premiere!

Cee Lo Green is getting ready to re-release his third studio album “The Lady Killer” on November 28th! The 37-year-old singer-songwriter has repackaged the album with the original 16 tracks and four extra songs. Here we have “Anyway” the lead single for the platinum edition which was written with Wallpaper, Ross Golan and Weezer’s Rivers Cuomo. The upbeat pop number about unconditional love is keeping my spirits up today. I love the euphoric feel of it. What do you guys think?


BUY Cee Lo Green’s third studio album “The Lady Killer” on iTunes NOW!


  • kalemeh

    This album was fantastic. I hope with his new found mainstream relevance, more people are willing to support his solo career (i imagine The Voice+F*ck U fame is a driving force behind this repack) because he’s been genius for over a decade with is own brand of music.

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