One Direction: ‘Gotta Be You’ Video Premiere!

English boy group, One Direction have just premiered the video for their new single “Gotta Be You” off their debut album “Up All Night” due out in the UK on November 21st! The Steve Mac-penned number serves as the follow up to their #1 single, “What Makes You Beautiful.” The video was shot in Lake Placid of New York last month and is basically just a long commercial for Ralph Lauren‘s new fall collection. I kid, I kid. Cute boys, cute song, cute video. Totes cute. What do you guys think?

One Direction will release their new single “Gotta Be You” in the UK on November 13th!


  • dannie

    Catchy. But I liked this UK band the first time…when they were called “The Wanted.” Is it just me or is the UK pumping out cookie cutter boy bands like a prego mommy working double overtime to feed her spawn of crazed hungry kids?…Just me?

  • Alece

    The only band I really like that has been around is BSB… and that’s been since before we knew of them in the states because they’ve stood the test of time… BUT I still watch out for the upcoming “BOY BANDS” and One Direction has it 🙂 Especially is Steve Mac is writing for them!

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