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The Saturdays: ‘On Your Radar’ Sampler + ‘My Heart Takes Over’ Live!

The Saturdays are just a few weeks away from releasing their third full-length studio album “On Your Radar” in the UK on November 21st! The album will include hit singles “Notorious,” “All Fired Up,” and their new single “My Heart Takes Over.” We now have 90 second previews of each song on the album which features writing and production credits from Taio Cruz, Labrinth, Space Cowboy, Brian Higgins, and more. Everything sounds so promising so far, I can’t wait.

DOWNLOAD: On Your Radar (Album Sampler)

This evening, the girls hit up Alan Carr‘s television show Chatty Man to give the first TV performance of “My Heart Takes Over.” They looked and sounded great and I really enjoyed the amped up version of the song. What do you guys think?

The Saturdays will release their new single “My Heart Takes Over” in the UK on November 13th!


  • Devin Cole

    DAMN!!! This sounds HOT, LOVE IT!! A nice mix of everything, cannot wait to hear the whole thing, good stuff. 😉 Cannot wait to have this in America.

  • Ricky

    By listening to just the snippets, i REALLY like Move On U. It’s like All Fired Up Pt.2, and i’m obsessed with that song. Everything else… I need to hear in full before i judge.

  • David

    hmm… i love them so much!! so it kinda saddens me that the music is sounding almost generic… Kinda like songs Sugababes didn’t want. I don’t find myself able to sing along to most of these songs. I dunno, maybe when it comes out and I listen to it in its entirety it’ll be different… but as of right now… underwhelmed. They need to reconnect with the producers from Chasing Lights! lol

  • KaleMeh

    This album is the the beginning for them imo… it took them a long time to make hooky grown up tracks, as well as deliver a ballad with substance… perhaps it all comes off sort of Sugababes (circa Sweet7)as mentioned by David…a bit formula… but imo, it’s a step up for Sats. This is a solid clean relevant sounding pop album from the sounds of it.

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