Jason Derulo: ‘Breathing’ Video Premiere!

Jason Derulo goes shirtless in the video for his new single “Breathing.” The DJ Frank E-produced track serves as the third official single from his sophomore album “Future History.” This may be the best song he has ever put out and surprisingly doesn’t include his famous Jason Derulo intro. The video is also quite good. His dancing doesn’t look awkward, the effects are cool, and it works with the song. What do you guys think?

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  • Hara

    Absolutely love the song and video. I could feel the emotions. He exposed his inner turmoil when he’s shirtless and glowing or illuminating. When he’s blue it shows he’s really feeling blue. The dancing is so he’s not dwelling to much in the pain. There’s a lot more throughout the video. The song and video are just awesome.

  • bLaine kelley

    the “best” song he’s released?
    i think not; “in my head” still holds that title.

    this is too “we found love” dance-techno-euro for my personal tastes, and i feel as tho it lacks the unique kind of distinction his other singles have had. just too generic.

    “we found love” + “beautiful monster” = this

  • Topher

    I love this song! I’m glad it’s getting the single treatment! The video is decent, however, it reminds me a little of “Yoü & I” by Gaga!

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