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Matt Cardle: ‘Starlight’ Video Premiere!

English singer-songwriter, Matt Cardle has just premiered the video for his new single “Starlight!” The track serves as the second single from Matt‘s debut album “Letters” which debuted at #2 on the UK Albums Chart. The 28-year-old X Factor winners first single “Run For Your Life” was a bit of a disappointment but I think “Starlight” will end up doing much better for him. The pop-rock track was produced and written with Biffco who have penned hits for Will Young, Kylie Minouge, and the Spice Girls. Matt may not have the most welcoming personality but there is no doubt the man can sing. What do you guys think?

DOWNLOAD: Starlight

Matt Cardle released his debut album “Letters” on Monday (October 17)!


  • mike

    I love his music and voice, but when it comes to buying an album I have to like the person enough to want to support them, so i rarely purchase albums. I’ll sometimes but mediocre music just because I really their personality.

  • mike

    AHH!! just listened to the whole album, it’s alot better than the singles he’s been releasing. Give it chance, if you can withstand the sometime overbearing sappiness, there’s beautiful music.

  • Tom

    The songs cool. Addictive. And the album is epic – though a bit sappy in places like Mike says. But what do you mean he doesn’t have a welcoming personality? Everyone who meets him says he’s the nicest guy on the planet. Seriously. Look it up. But all it takes is some tabloids misquoting him to try to destroy yet another XF winner and all of a sudden its a universal truth that he’s an arse because… the Mirror or Digital Spy decided to play it that way. Right. Its depressing how sheeplike the internet is.

    • G.

      Thank You for saying that! actually read for the first time that Matt has an unwelcoming personality. Really, where is this coming from !? Love the guy and wish him only good things !

  • Markus

    What do you mean he does not have a welcoming personality? He is one of the nicest guys in the world and extremely appreciative of his fans. Did you see him on Chatty Man? Noel Gallagher met him at the Q Awards and invited him out for a pint after. He says Matt is a great guy. So I don’t know what you are talking about. I think you had better just talk about the music. Letters has gone gold and is set to be released in Japan next. There is no chance of him being dropped by Columbia. He may choose not to re-sign with Syco though.

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