Foster the People: ‘Call It What You Want’ Video Premiere!

Foster the People are easily this years breakout indie band thanks to the massive success of lead single “Pumped Up Kicks.” Today, the Los Angeles formed band have premiered the video for “Call It What You Want,” the third single from their major label debut album “Torches.” The Paul Epworth-produced track is one of my favorites from their album so I’m happy that its been given the single treatment. The video doesn’t make any sense to me which is usually the case with indie band videos but I couldn’t look away. What do you guys think?

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  • xpinete

    i think the video is by canada, which also made oh land’s video for white nights. they put their touch on every video they make. it’s a spanish company by the way. i really like their work! and love this one!

  • Robby

    I think the video makes perfect sense. As the song says “call it what you want” and “if you don’t conform into what you were born into” and so the video is just showing that you should be yourself no matter what. It’s saying to just express your individuality no matter what and don’t be afraid to be who you are even though other people may stare and think you are strange. I think this song/video sends a powerful message of self empowerment. I really love this song/video! That’s my take on it anyway!

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