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Avicii Prepares for World Domination with ‘Levels’!

It was crystal clear from the moment I first heard Avicii‘s “Levels” months ago that I would be forever obsessed with it. It’s been almost a year since the Swedish born DJ/producer played the track for the first time and it is just now being officially released. Universal Music and Interscope Records are preparing the release all across the world. There are so few records that actually manage to capture the passion, emotion and general feeling of ecstasy that “Levels” does and I cannot wait for it to reach mainstream America. Avicii has become an impressive new force in the dance world over the past year and he’s only 22-years-old! “Levels” is just so incredible in its simplicity, the song makes me so happy. An EP including a radio edit, original mix, and instrumental will be released very soon. This is just the beginning for Avicii. Get ready!

DOWNLOAD: Levels (Radio Edit)


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