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The Wanted Make U.S Debut + ‘Battleground’ Album Preview!

By now you all should know about one of Britain’s biggest and most popular pop bands, The Wanted. Having notched up six hit singles which include two number ones, these boys are currently an unstoppable force. Max, Jay, Tom, Nate, and Siva are now getting ready to release their sophomore album “Battlegrounds” and make their debut in America. Just a few months ago the boys signed a record deal with American label Def Jam and are preparing to takeover the airwaves with their first U.S. single, “Glad You Came.” Just two nights ago, The Wanted performed at the Gramercy Theater in New York City. Making them one of the first UK groups to play their own U.S concert. Not even a girl group as massive as Girls Aloud has ever done this (Which was pointed out to me by Associate Director of Charts at Billboard, Keith Caulfield). I was lucky enough to attend their surprisingly sold out show at the Gramercy. Looking genuinely overwhelmed by the turn out, the boys performed a fantastic set to a room packed with gushing teenage girls singing every single lyric. Trust, we all know I was as well. If this show is any indication to how The Wanted will fare in the U.S, I think they’re set.

After the show, the boys headed over to Splash Bar to make their first ever New York club appearance. Here I got the chance to meet the boys and even chatted a bit with Max about their first trip to the U.S. ~Swoons~

This is your first time in New York; are you liking it so far?

Max: Yes, of course. It’s wicked, I love it here.

You just performed your first show in the US; how do you think it went?

Max: I think it went great. To be honest, I was shocked with how many people came out and were singing along to all the songs. We weren’t expecting much so we couldn’t be happier with the way it turned out. It was sold out, unbelievable.

Yes! It couldn’t have gone any better. I know you guys aren’t here for very long; but are there plans to come back?

Max: Yes, we’ve just recorded the video for our next (UK) single “War Zone” here and we plan on coming back to do more shows next year once we release the album.

Perfect! Then I shall be seeing you guys again soon.

Max: Exactly

Sounds good, enjoy the rest of your stay Max.

Max: Thanks Mate!


Now for your first listen of their new album “Battleground!” Featuring production and writing credits from Jack McManus (Groove Armada), Xenomania’s Brian Higgins (Girls Aloud, Pet Shop Boys, Kylie Minogue), Wayne Hector (Cheryl Cole, Britney Spears) and their long term collaborative team Steve Mac (JLS, Leona Lewis), the boys have definitely avoided a sophomore slump. Don’t believe me? Check out the Deluxe Edition sampler below!

The Wanted will release their sophomore album “Battleground” in the UK on November 7th!


  • Tee

    WOW! I haven’t been so excited for an album this year! These clips sound incredible and I just know this album is gonna kick some serious bootEH!

  • Michael

    THANKs SO MUCH FOR ATtending the concert, interviewing the boys, and getting a clip of them at SPLASH! omg THIS IS going to be EPIC!! I loved how people were singing along I guess they were american fans and mabye UK fans that traveled to NY to see them! I tweeted them tons of times to please release “Glad You Came” in the uS and it’s finally happening!!! YAY!!!

  • CG Girl

    Will America embrace them? I don’t think so because the boy band era is pretty much over in America. Their music sounds whiny, sappy, and generic-basically nothing pop outs, but this is my opinion.

  • alliD

    Just for the record, Girls Aloud never cracked America because they NEVER wanted to. Please don’t put them down like they weren’t capable of it.

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