Beyoncé: ‘Party’ Featuring J. Cole (Video Premiere)

Beyoncé has just premiered another new video, this time for “Party,” which now features a new verse from J. Cole. The funky house party themed video for her new urban single features cameos from little sister Solange and Kelly Rowland. This is the sixth song from “4” that we’ve seen a video for, is it the last? Be sure to check it out. What do you guys think?


  • Topher

    This is Queen Beyoncé! The woman has money coming out of her ass! There is no reason this music video should be as cheap looking and low budget as it does! No excuse for it! I’m sorry but as a Bey stan, I have to be honest and say I don’t like this video at all. Oh and I’m glad Solange has hair now but the braids are so 90s! No ma’am on that one!

  • CG Girl

    I surprisingly love it! The fun laid back-party vibe helps the song pop out. I think this is the best video of the 4 era after the Run The World video. I only say this because her personality and beauty illuminates throughout her video. Also her sister looks great!

  • Mar-Mar

    I really love this video & thought it fit tha song very well. I was glad 2 c Ms. Kelly in tha vid with her but I think it would’ve been even betta if ALL of tha gurls from DC was in it. Either way definitely a great effort!!!

  • James

    This music video is shit! Beyonce music videos for 4 have been as bad as the music off of 4. She has copied/stolen all of the videos from other artist. The past video was copied frame by frame. And this music video was a copy of Will Smith’s music video. Maybe it’s time for Beyonce to fire her team for this.

    The music video, is awful, her weave in this music video is trashy and bad, the first time I have seen her with such a bad weave. Her team must really hate her. What I do not understand, these videos were filmed way back, so why are they now just getting released.

    And what she did to Andre 3000 on this music video, replacing him with J. Cole, a wanna be rappper with no stlye or swagger unlike Andre 3000 was a bad call and move for Beyonce and her team. She should have had more respect for her fellow artist, and STOP this bad promo shit for her husband.

    We all want the OLD beyonce back!

  • Mike

    ok…i love beyonce but really? wtf is this? there is nothing to love about this video. its boring, cheap, trashy, ghetto, etc. so not the sexy diva we are use too (well i’m use to at least) yes change is great but come on …this is ridiculous…horrible video bad song…

  • Mike

    i don’t understand why she is making so many videos…they can at least look as if she is putting an effort in to making them. all her videos suck and the album is not the best…this year she went down rather than shooting up…

  • Breeanne

    0_o wtf did I just watch??? Okay everytime she has an “urban single” she comes up with the most hood and ghetto videos. Im black but this shit is whack as fuck!

  • JJ

    I really don’t know what is up with the HATERS!!! because her album is OFF THE CHAIN!!!!, and “Party” is one of the best tracks on it. I don’t care what the HATERS say, this CD is and should be listed as one of the best CDs of 2011. GET WITH THAT!!!!! and STOP BEING FICTITIOUS…

  • video production

    Beyonce’s videos are getting much more creative these days. I also really liked the video for her song “countdown” but, I heard some of the ideas in the video were stolen. Anyway….Beyonce is amazing and I will miss her songs & videos while she is taking time off to be a mom.

  • Emmanuel

    Why Didn’t neither Kanye nor Andre 3000 appear in the Video
    J Cole is nothing But handsome Don’t mess round That’s Why She chose him Cos She’s not satisfied with Jay-Z. J Cole couldn’t be as famous as Jay but He looks so damn good His face is really sexy He’s tall and slender n attractive not as her husband. He only has a defect He can’t sing

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