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Jessie & The Toy Boys: ‘Let’s Get Naughty’ Video Premiere!

Jessie and the Toy Boys have just premiered a new video for unreleased track “Let’s Get Naughty.” The feisty number will serve as a buzz track for Jessie‘s debut album “This How Rumor Start” due out early next year. After touring with Britney Spears on the Femme Fatale tour, “Naughty” was a highly requested song that Jessie and her Toy Boys were performing. So for the fans, we have this super slick and seductive video to go along with the release of the song. I love everything about this. Fun video for a fun song. “LET’S GET NAUGHTY!”

BUY Jessie and the Toy Boys’ new song “Let’s Get Naughty” on iTunes NOW!


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