Album Review: Kelly Clarkson ‘Stronger’

It’s hard to believe that Kelly Clarkson was crowned the first American Idol nine years ago. Since then, Kelly has become the most successful Idol contestant worldwide. The now 29-year-old singer-songwriter has two Grammy Awards, three MTV Video Music Awards, Platinum albums, and endless amount of hits to her name. Basically, she is EVERYTHING.

Stronger is the fifth album from Kelly and easily one of this years highlights. Lead single “Mr. Know It All” has proven to be the less immediate song she’s ever released but its strong melody and a sing-along chorus has it climbing back up the charts (currently #24). As for the rest of the album, Kelly delivers a strong album with great vocals and is just as feisty and straight-forward as ever. Songs like title track, “Stronger,” “You Love Me,” and “Let Me Down” are amazing power pop-rock anthems. While the brilliant “Honestly” could easily stand as one of her best ballads to date. The Greg Kurstin-produced track needs to be a single.

Stronger isn’t Kelly‘ long-promised Country album; it mostly sticks to what we’re use to but lyrically delivers tunes with a country singer’s confidence. You get a little bit of “Thankful,” “My December,” “All I Ever Wanted” and most clearly the massive radio friendly appeal that was “Breakaway.” Kelly has always been a great vocalist who could easily sing any genre. There is no question about it, she has one of the strongest voices out there today. Stronger is easily one of her most cohesive efforts yet and proves that her pipes are forever still winning. The growth is clear and everything is just much better and smarter. My only negative judgement is this is all very familiar and expected. We all know Kelly is capable of a lot more and I’m looking forward to whatever she has in store for us in the future. Kellegend Brianne Clarkson, I Love You. 4.5/5

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  • Fré

    Great review, I come to the site to find the hottest new acts before mainstream tv/radio pick them up, (jessie j) etc but I also like the album reviews! More please!

    I HOPE to see a review for Drake, Florence, Rihanna & other new albums!

    Oh, I also totally agree with this clarkson review. She’s a solid artist like Pink, Beyonce, Britney….no matter what if you like at least one of these artists previous albums, you can buy any cd they put out in their career because they keep that same sound that fans associate with a “britney” “bey” or “clarkson” song.

    MORE ALBUM reviews please! & it’s true what JonAli said, several times on the new Kelly cd, certain songs remind you of her previous albums, so that’s cool.

    I loved kelly since idol…but is it just me or ever since “all I ever wanted”

    “Breakaway” “my december” were more original….SO MANY songs from “all I ever wanted” and now this album sound like the singer pink’s vocals and songs and it pisses me off, esp lead single “mr. Know it all”

    I do like how Pink doesn’t talk shit on clarkson, cuz she REALLY F***ING COULD AT THIS POINT! Kelly & pink are both great though.

  • shaun

    I’m in love with this album. It is well produced and smartly put together, unlike All I Ever Wanted (a good album too, but primarily geared to get her career back on track after her less than well-received My December. I just love the vocals, so anything Kelly puts out I will buy!

  • Amy

    Great review!! Great album! Easily one of my favorites of this year. The vocals are brillant and track after track i love it more. <3

  • shaun

    I agree, great review! I love this album, it is just so great and even while it is an expected sound for Kelly, it upholds it’s title and delivers a stronger, better, maybe best album of her career thus far. I’d rate it 4/5.

  • Belgie

    I really admire her songs specially the “STRONGER” after my boyfriend dumped me Kelly made me realize he wasn’t the only boy in town that I should be stronger too.

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