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Girls’ Generation Premiere ‘The Boys’ + Global Takeover!

I’ve had my doubts and hesitations but I can now proudly acknowledge the force known as Girls’ Generation. This is all due to my fellow blogger and lover, The Prophet. Girls’ Generation who are also known as SNSD are easily one of the biggest groups from South Korea. Over the summer I developed an unhealthy obsession with their self-titled debut Japanese album and now the Girls’ are getting ready to takeover worldwide. They’ve just premiered the Korean and English version of their third albums lead single “Boys,” which is also the title of the album set for release tomorrow (October 19). Have a listen below and comment on what you think!

The Boys” is a confident urban-dance number written and produced by Teddy Riley who is known for his work with Micheal Jackson and Lady Gaga. The track comes roaring with a hot stomping beat and one hell of a catchy chanting chorus. The girls really took on the track effortlessly and their English is nearly perfect. The accents are there but they do not distract from the song at all. “The Boys” is a fantastic start for their new journey!

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  1. I love it!

  2. it’s been on repeat ever since it came out, and it’s doing good on ITunes.

    2NE1 better hurry the fuck up tho…

  3. Not too bad, they need to cut a few of them out. There’s too many of them!

  4. YUK I hate this JPop crap… and is it really necessary to have 9 members?

    1. Obviously you don’t since… uh, you know, they aren’t Japanese. Which saying they’re Asian doesn’t matter either. Jpop and Kpop are two completely different styles and sounds of music. That’s like an Asian person saying they hate “Metal Crap” when listening to Linkin Park.

    2. it’s kpop you fucking moron

  5. having 9 members and choreography stuff is part of their thing…. they don’t CUT members out.
    This is no JPop Crap. it’s written by Teddy Riley … (plus its South Korean group)
    plz read at least two letters, watch the video and think before you post comment. idiot.

  6. I was hoping you’d post something about them! =D I’ve been a fan for a long time and even I had my doubts about their transition to America, but this is a great start! I think if any K-Pop girl group has a great chance at really breaking out in the US though, it’s 2NE1. I feel like they may be easier to digest (their sound, the standard number of members, etc.) Nevertheless, I hold out hope that people may grow to love my SNSD.

  7. I’ve started following Girls’ Generation a few months back and i must say they’re a breath of fresh air.
    I think having some diversity in the music scene is definitely a plus, no matter what language or style they perform in.
    They’re refreshing, and very different indeed.
    I really hope the group will do well worldwide, and wish them all the best!
    and thanks for the post Ali =D

  8. Proofread, Jon. That’s all I ask.

  9. Amazing MV <3 fierce soshi~

  10. OMG thank you Ali for promoting them!! So happy!! I really wish them well!! LOVE the song

  11. LOL Jpop versus Kpop? Is that serious? Sounds like the same garbage to me.

    1. That’s because you’re what we more educated people call “ignorant”. You have fun with that. 🙂

    2. And not only that, but this particular song was written and produced entirely by Teddy Riley, an AMERICAN producer. So not only were you wrong in ALL of your assumptions, but you’ve also exposed yourself as a racist. Good job, moron.

  12. Thank GOD this will never land anywhere near the states…

  13. Sounds similar to most of the tracks on BoA’s American debut album, and you know what happened there!

  14. I’d rather listen to super junior 🙂

  15. nice! 😀

  16. my favorite Kpop artist ever.
    Girls bring the boys out!!!

  17. yeah! me too! i’d rather listen to super junior or 2NE1.
    they’re more deserving to be known all over the world.

  18. I’m in love with SNSD since 2007. This song rocks!

  19. The girls aren’t trying to break into the US market with this song, they said it themselves. This is more of a treat to their fans around the world. If they ever do decide to take a real whack at The US music scene, they BETTER come with a better song than this.

  20. These girls are amazing! I have loved them since their K-Pop days and now they are international. Everything about the single is perfect and that hot, on point video helps it as well. Get that international hit girls!

  21. w000t Thanks for posting this!! Love the song/mv and of course the girls!!
    Go SoShi <3

  22. Omg what is this..? Asian music is sooo strange.

  23. Ali’s goes KPOP, me like it like it 😀

  24. hahaha, reading all comments above made me laugh…
    honestly, i like them, not a big fan… they seems have potential to be better, but as we know, it’s really hard to break America music industry for non american…

    but music is universal language, if the music is good it will be good no matter what!

  25. They need more than just sex appeal to break into the US music industry… Vocals wise… I’d rather listen to others.

  26. haters…………..just go 2 the fuckin hell

  27. This sounds like it would have been on a Jessica Simpson album circa 2001. Lame.

  28. Love this song! I’m so happy that you’re promoting them. Unfortunately, people (as seen above) seem to forget that prejudices and hatred are ridiculous and shouldn’t have a place ANYWHERE.
    GG has a maxi-single coming out in mid-November and I’m hoping it’ll be a HUGE success! Been there with them since the beginning, can’t wait to see them to conquer international charts!

  29. I’m not a fan of this song, even though I like other songs from them. I just don’t care much for such self-absorbed songs…

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