First Listen: Nicole Scherzinger ‘Try With Me’

Have your first listen of Nicole Scherzinger‘s new single “Try With Me” off the re-release of her debut album “Killer Love.” The track will serve as lead single from the European re-release and third single for the US release which is currently set for December 6th! The Soulshock-produced dance number was penned by the Nervo twins and is all sorts of great. “Try With Me” is an absolute club smash and finds Nicole serving us some full-on dance floor diva realness. The Aaron Platt and Joseph Toman-directed video shot in Mexico’s Xilitla rainforest has also just leaked. Check it out below! What do you guys think?

Nicole Scherzinger will release her new single “Try With Me” in the UK on October 30th!


  1. AJ

    I’ve never heard the song before. I LOVE BOTH THE VIDEO AND THE SONG!!

    The video is as beautiful as Nicole Scherzinger! <3

  2. Mike

    Wow that was really pretty, google Las Pozas if u guys want to know more about architecture (although it’s not nearly as tranquil and remote as it appears in this video).

  3. Emmanuel

    The place is located in the state of San Luis postosi. I likes the song but the video ain’t got nothing to do with the beat and the production of the song

  4. nicky

    the song is nice. and the setting of the video is really gorgeous and i would love to go there. but i mean the look of the video is so off from the sound of the song… it doesn’t match up.

  5. CG Girl

    To S you’re right. The song is generic and it is for the dance trends, but Nicole sings this song with passion, and that’s why I enjoy the song. I mean it’s not going to be in my top ten on my ipod, but cleaning up and doing low impact exercises while playing it, will be great!

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