Beyoncé: ‘Love On Top’ Video Premiere!

Here is the full premiere of Beyoncé’s new video for “Love On Top” off her latest album “4.” This is the fifth track from “4” to be given the video treatment and its definitely not the last. Watch the pop diva and her five male dancers perform choreographed moves in a penthouse studio overlooking New York City. Simple but effective. She looks gorgeous!

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  1. I wish they’d ended the album version the way this one ends. I hate the fade out. This single is the best from “4” thus far in my eyes. I love that it brings back that 90’s R&B feel that is lacking so much in R&B these days. Great great song and I enjoy the video as well. Simple but effective.

    1. I will add, however, that it’s sad they completely cut the second verse just tp fit in all the key changes. Makes the video version seem like it’s missing something.

  2. The video production is super cheap, I can’t believe that She’s doing those unoriginal,styless and poor Videos it’s a shame but her career seems that it’ll fade away.

    1. I don’t think the video is unoriginal or poor or cheap, the video is supposed to follow up the style of her presentation on the vma’s this year, and is a quite simple style, just her singing and her dancers, plus the song is too powerfull to add a super production video where probably the lyrics would lost. And you have to remember this IS NOT a single, not every single video of “4” is going to be a single, she’s going to do a video for every song on the album. Her career is way far to fade away.

  3. Simple & Lovely.

  4. good, nice outfit!

  5. i LOVE this song especially watching her blow the house down at the vmas.

  6. That was awesome, totally went with the vibe of the song.

  7. The illuminati eye at 2:05 freaked me out. I don’t like this.

  8. I can’t believe Beyonce created a music video that was original. No copying claims yet? This must be a record for Beyonce, just saying.

  9. THIS… IS… AMAZING!!!! <3

  10. Love it! Best song off that album!!!!

  11. wonder who she ripped off for this one..

    1. LOL hahahaha I gotcha

  12. they r doing new edition “if it isnt love” choreo

    1. Wow Eddie now that u said that I totally c it!!!

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