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Song of the Week: Lights ‘Siberia’

This weeks Song of the Week comes from Canadian singer-songwriter, Lights. Just last week she released her second studio album “Siberia” and I’ve had it on loop since. Deciding which track to feature was a bit tough but I’m going with the opener and title track “Siberia.” A combination of dreamy electro-pop sounds and hard-hitting gritty beats make this a different sound that were use to hearing from Lights. You can hear how she’s grown since her debut throughout the entire album. There are many new elements and pleasant surprises without trading in lyrical content or her identity as an artist. If you haven’t already be sure to check out her new album. Enjoy!


BUY Lights’ sophomore album “Siberia (Deluxe)” on iTunes NOW!


  • Devin Cole

    Just BOUGHT her album last week and it’s BRILLIANT!! I love this woman and I hope people support her and buy her music since she is an independent artist. This girl is pure talent. <3 HER!

  • jt

    I preordered this album on iTunes. It’s a very good album! Siberia is my favorite track on the album, followed by Peace Sign, and Cactus in the Valley (Acoustic version). I think she definitely brings a different air to her music compared to mainstream artists. To me, her music is more sci-fi hipster, which is how I perceive her to be in real life. I think her music has definitely matured and improved, while leaving room for more evolutionary growth.

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