Evanescence: ‘My Heart Is Broken’

Evanescence are just a couple of days away from releasing their self-titled third studio album on October 11th! Though the album leaked a month in advance, the band decided not to push the album date up. First single “What You Want” performed moderately well in the US and managed to debut at #1 on the UK Rock Chart. Amy Lee and her band-mates are now getting ready to release “My Heart Is Broken” as the first mainstream single, and the second single from the album overall. The Nick Raskulinecz-produced track is the massive power ballad that will have everyone remembering why we loved Evanescence in the first place. It’s still all very heavy and dark but beautiful at the same time. Amy‘s vocals never fail. Check out the radio edit of “My Heart is Broken” below and stream the FULL album HERE!


BUY Evanescence’s new single “What You Want” on iTunes NOW!!


  1. Timm

    isn’t this that song that they submitted for the Twilight Saga – Breaking Dawn soundtrack? I think I read that somewhere.

    Anywhosies… Gotta say I agree, Amy’s vocals never fail! I’m loving the new album, I love Amy’s voice. Love this song, can’t wait for a video!

  2. Kyle

    Amy Lee’s voice is still beautiful, but the album version is far superior to this version. Why does the song have to be changed for the radio? They are trying to appeal to My Immportal fans I guess, but this song is beautiful the way it is on the CD and may be one of the best they have made.

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