Beyoncé: ‘Countdown’ Video Premiere!

The wait is over! Here is the premiere of Beyoncé’s new video for “Countdown,” the fourth single off her latest album “4.” The pregnant diva rocks a Audrey Hepburn inspired haircut, shows off her baby bump, and dances around in colorful leotards in the Adria Petty-directed video. The upbeat love anthem is one of my favorite tracks on the album so I’m happy its been given the single treatment. Bring on “End of Time” next please! What do you guys think?

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  • AJ

    I LOOOVEE IT!!! I just wish her hair was blonde! You can definitely tell she’s pregnant in this video! (not that she was hiding it)

  • Mike

    My goodness, that was amazing. I feel like there are tons of references to films or people in that video, just don’t know what they are. I’ve read comments about her being overated but I feel that she’s underrated, she’s come out with so many iconic and distinctly beyonce ideas and music. It’s taken her a long time but since b-day it’s been uphill since then and I expect her to have a long career and leave a lasting impresssion on the music industry and be refrences for female musicians for many decades.

  • 9021O

    Perfect It’s really cool to see her working when most pregnant celebs stop doing music until after they give birth. This video is even better than that 1 +1 math song. If fans want “End Of Time” it should be released after she gives birth with a re-release of the “4” album with few new songs.

  • Cliff

    Where is the “Party” music video?! The last music video from Beyoncé you had on here u said that it was premiering soon!

  • Adam

    That video was a blast! And talk about pregnancy glow: Beyonce is looking absolutely stunning! It boggles my why she always chooses to colour her hair lighter and wear mounds of makeup when she is breathtaking naturally and with a darker hair shade. And that body… wow.

  • Jerry

    The song is a major highlight of ‘4’ and I have been praying for a single release. Thankfully, Queen B has listened! This video is so much fun. From her quirky sense of style and facial expressions, to her awe-inspiring dance moves, Beyonce’s newest video assures the fans that, pregnant or not, she will still be ruling the airwaves!

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