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Song of the Week: Zowie ‘Smash It’

This weeks Song of the Week comes from Zowie and her brand-new single “Smash It.” The New Zealand singer-songwriter premiered the pop track last month and I’ve been hooked ever since. Like her previous releases (Bite Back, Broken Machine, etc), “Smash It” continues the rock-edged electro-pop sound Zowie is known for. It’s an in your face jam produced by Jimmy Harry (Oh Land, P!nk) that serves up one hell of a catchy chorus. I’m looking forward to more and more Zowie. Check out the video premiere of “Smash It” below. Enjoy!

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  • Ike

    I LOVE THIS. I was lucky enough to catch her live when she opened for Katy Perry back in May in Auckland and she was a real crowd pleaser. I wish she was more popular here in New Zealand. It’s awesome to see a Kiwi on your site 🙂 Have you seen Kids of 88? They’re awesome too.

  • Ashlee

    Are you guys listening to the same song? I love it. Different from what a lot of people are putting out now. Open up your ears!

  • paul

    The song is “ok” (far far away to be the song of my week), her voice is aweful, and the video… well i dont know, i stoped watching it after a few seconds..

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