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Joe Jonas: ‘Fastlife’ Album Sampler!

The release of Joe Jonas‘ debut solo album “Fastlife” is less than a week away. The 22-year-old singer-songwriter has been doing his rounds of promoting it by making appearances on the Today Show, Regis & Kelly, The Ellen Degeneres Show, and is currently on a headlining tour around the US with Jay Sean. Here is your chance to get a taste of the album before it drops next week. “Fastlife” sees Joe trade in the pop/rock sound we were use to for a more mature urban and dance/electronic sound. The album includes production credits from Danja, Brian Kennedy, Rob Knox, and more. When listening to the album as a whole its clear much work has been put into this project. Whether it will translate into the mainstream audience, I’m just not sure yet. What do you guys think?

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  • Adam

    Wow….that’s really amazing. Soooo good. Definitely proved he has more to offer than just Jonas Brothers stuff, thank god. He clearly has the best voice of the three. This CD is actually really great. I’ll buy it.

  • number1k9

    If Danja did “Kleptomanic” he def shooda did the entire or near full album, cause that and “Love Slayer” have the most original sound/feel to them.

    But overall from these previews the album sound like a decent debut effort, if promoted correctly and right songs chose could do decent, least!

    I’m shocked though that Hollywood Records is going ahead with the release seeing as tho none of the singles (well 2) have caught on. I hope he see’s success, I’d love to see another generation’s Justin Timberlake (aka boy band singer emerge as a great solo act), especially since Justin has been MIA and more focused on movies (ugggh to that decision)!

    Also not sure if people are going to buy the Jonas bro, purity brothers singing about love and especially in an R&B undertone, especially liek “Just In Love.” Maybe that’s why he’s not connection correctly to his audience. But congrats on the risk!

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