Tony Bennett & Lady Gaga: ‘The Lady Is A Tramp’ Video Premiere!

Check out the video premiere of Tony Bennett‘s duet with Lady Gaga, “The Lady Is A Tramp.” Their rendition of the jazz standard appears as the first track on “Duets II” which debuted at #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 last week. “I think she’s going to become as big as Elvis Presley,” Tony said about Gaga. “She’s absolutely brilliant with what she does. She’s a very, very magnificent performer and she does know how to sing, and she does know how to play the piano. I see great things for her.” I can’t even deal with the fact that Tony is 85-years-old and still releasing material. Your faves could never.

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  • Timm

    I don’t really care for the song, but I have to say GaGa has wonderful energy, and for someone from the old days, Mr. Bennett sure doesn’t seem offended by here style or over the top personality. That, coupled with the fact that they sounded great together should be enough to sell this single. I guess. Gotta say, GaGa looks good with that color wig!

  • Ricky

    I think she sounds absolutely amazing in this song, and this is coming from someone that really doesn’t care too much about her. She should do more jazz!

  • Angela

    I’m not a huge Lady Gaga fan. I like some her music, but her style and over-the-top-ness isn’t really my thing. But this was ADORABLE. And Tony Bennett sings amazingly well for someone his age. Really impressive. SO cute, and their chemistry was real and believable, and not creepy one little bit. Wow.

  • AJ

    At first, I thought a video for this song would be unnecessary but I REALLY enjoyed it! It was fun and playful. The song was always great, the vocals on this track were simply amazing and she looks divine!

  • CG Girl

    I don’t think they should have made a video but the song is full of energy and spice. It reminds me of the popular jazz era. This song would be wonderful for a movie!

  • RRM

    Gaga sounds really good here, it’s a fresh change from the usual material we get from her and Tony, I don’t really know him but kudos to him, he sounds good

  • chach

    im sorry but i used to love lady gaga trust i was her number 1 fan i was one of those fans before she got famous & i was like hey i love this crazy chick shes new & fearless & different. but shes changed now, she no more gaga shes this thing a monster if you will ha, her new album sounds so overproduced and so madonna esce like really it does & it doesnt sound original it sounds like se just made it out of her ass put some sick beats on there & flopped it out, like she took out the soul of it. her music used to mean something to me, but now it doesnt. im not a hater im just trying to point out something. in this performance she seems like shes not trying, shes like im good at singing & thats what you get, like no! the real gaga would do her best & wouldnt sound like this deep sunding wannabe opera singer. i LOATHE the way she sings now,it sounds like shes trying to sound idk more mature and deeper, like wtf man. what happened to the just dance, summerboy, disco heaven, pokerface, no floods bitch that i loved? idk but i dont like this performance its just not doing it for me & for all the TRUE little monsters out there youll see where im coming from & you can clearly see i for yourself, come bck to me gaga wherever you are.

    oh & p.s i love you john <3 dont hate me, i know you can see it, youve known about her as long as i & the facts are there.

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