The Saturdays Reveal ‘On Your Radar’ Cover + Land Major US Deal!

British girl group, The Saturdays are about to impact in a big way. They’ve just revealed the cover for their new album “On Your Radar” due out November 21st and announced some big news. The girls have landed a major US deal which will include a five-season deal with E! Entertainment and a new record label. They will be moving to the US after their UK tour finishes according to the Daily Star. This could end up being horrible or amazing. Do you think the girls will be able to crack the US? Check out the “On Your Radar” tracklistng below!

1. All Fired Up
2. Notorious
3. Faster
4. My Heart Takes Over
5. White Lies
6. For Myself
7. The Way You Watch Me (feat. Travie McCoy)
8. Do What You Want With Me
9. Promise Me
10. Wish I Didn’t Know
11. Get Ready, Get Set
12. Last Call
13. I Say OK
14. Move On U


  • Andrew

    Honestly, this is a huge risk for them, but if they ever want to advance I feel like this is without a doubt the best thing that could be happening for them. I know ill be supporting them here in the states.

  • Ricky

    I’d love for them to come to the US! Everytime i listen to Fired Up, i wish i was playing on our radio stations lol.

    Gonna be tough, but if they crank out good music and really put themselves out there, they can be great! The US needs a girl group now anyways since there are none.

  • ?????

    I think they can do it. There isn’t any big name girl groups out there right now. Danity Kane is gone, the Pussycat Dolls are MIA, Paradiso Girls fell apart, and the Sugababes did have a deal but that went nowhere. The Saturdays could just be the group that breaks in.

  • CG Girl

    I think they can crack the U.S. I cannot wait until they get here! The girls are beautiful, down to earth, and most of their music is great!

  • jt

    I think they can crack the US, but its going to take a lot of commitment, they can’t just breeze thru and expect to have an impact, as a lot of foreign artists tend to do. Also, they need to avoid a “compilation” introduction album, where its a collection of songs from the first two albums scrambled together (like they were talking about doing with Cheryl Cole). This method does not work because the music is out of date, yeah I can still listen to it, but it’s not cutting edge. If they want to cross over to America, they need to release ALL NEW material, put their previous albums/singles on iTunes (like Melanie C did), stay away from America’s R&B cliche, and avoid these rapper fill-ins that’s so popular in America – need a song to chart? throw 50cent or Lil Wayne into the song. If you want to collaborate with another artist, it should not be an after thought, work with them on the song, don’t hire out.

    I am interested in this 5 season deal with E!, you know it’s going to be a reality show. I hope its not a “behind the scenes” reality show about them creating an album, or a “new to America” reality show chronically their journey to America. Give me something new.

    As far as the tracklisting, I’m very excited!! I absolutely love these girls!! I’ve been following them from the beginning and I love everything they’ve done! I’m glad their music will finally be available in the states!

  • Frankie wood

    if eny of you belive they are going to move to america after there tour well guess what una whont be with them couse she is pregnant and your are not allow to travel by plane over 6 months prgnent and if you go on youtube and type in the saturdays album show or sumin like that like the presenter says “if heard rumers about you going to america” and the saturdays say “well it will be nice for us to do that but because the prss have be saying all these stuff about us going to the usa we havent had a meating about it ” and they said after that no you whont be loosing us so can you tell me if its true

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