Giveaway: Shontelle NYC Birthday Celebration!

On Thursday, Barbadian singing sensation Shontelle will be celebrating her birthday. Come join Shontelle and I as we party it up in New York City at B.B Kings Bar & Grill. She will be performing her platinum hits ‘T-Shirt‘, ‘Impossible‘, and much more! The event is open to the public but we’re giving you a chance to pick a friend, and cut the line!

How To Enter:
Comment below with your full name, email, and favorite Shontelle song (include why).
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Winners will be announced on Wednesday (October 5)!
Full Event Details: HERE



  1. Connor McWhorter,PopGoesThaWorldEntertainment@gmail.com,My favorite song is ‘Superwoman’ because it helped me thru a rough time in my life.
    PLEASE JON CHOOSE ME..Shontelle is my idol(:

  2. Anthony Iuni
    My favorite Shontelle song is “Helpless” because not only can I relate to the song as I’ve been in situations like that before, but it also makes me dance and shake my ass and THAT is the perfect combo in a song!

  3. Moti Ankari – Motiankari@gmail.com
    Say Hello to Goodbye was my favoriate song from her album. First, she wrote the song and two it was just an inspiring song to move on from your current state of mind and what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

  4. Andrew Clark – anpat13@gmail.com

    My favorite song by Shontellegend is Perfect Nightmare because it is one of the strongest hair-flippin’, pussy poppin’ anthems to come out in the last few years and the video was amazing! It also was a dance song that didn’t prescribe to the overdone electropop format, which gives me hope that Shontelle will carve out her own spot in the music scene!

  5. Dorian Jackson
    “Stuck With Each Other” is my favorite Shontelle song. I relate to it bc of my current relationship that has been on and off for almost 4 years now. And it’s been going strong with no problems lately. If I win, I’ll be taking him with me <3

  6. Clement Lee, theclem_at_gmail.com

    “Battle Cry” is my favorite! It’s definitely her catchiest song and carries such a positive message about friendship and trust.

  7. Shontelle – Stuck With Each Other ft. Akon … it love this song because its a cute song. its could relate to a friendship, relationship, or just family bond. the lyrics are sweet and so truthful to the point.

  8. Malcolm Richardson

    my favorite shontelle song would be Say Hello To Goodbye because it really helped me get through a bad break up!! I really Love Shontelle alot!! SHe is an amazing artist who is underappreciated!! Please pick me Jon it would be amazing to see her live in person!!

  9. I know its her biggest hit but “Impossible” truly is one of my favorite songs ever. The melody and emotion is perfect.

  10. I love ever song Shontelle has ever recorded. I’ve been a fan since day one. I still play out her Shontellgence album. My favorite song from her is No Gravity. The meaning is so true and the sont totally touched my life. I really need to be at this party, I never saw Shontelle live and now is my chance and I live like 15mins from there 🙁 Pls or pls pick me.

  11. Oops forgot my email addy., didn’t know if I had to add it again in here since I did on the bottom. Not taking any chances lol…reneenj201@gmail.com

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