Giveaway: Shontelle NYC Birthday Celebration!

On Thursday, Barbadian singing sensation Shontelle will be celebrating her birthday. Come join Shontelle and I as we party it up in New York City at B.B Kings Bar & Grill. She will be performing her platinum hits ‘T-Shirt‘, ‘Impossible‘, and much more! The event is open to the public but we’re giving you a chance to pick a friend, and cut the line!

How To Enter:
Comment below with your full name, email, and favorite Shontelle song (include why).
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Winners will be announced on Wednesday (October 5)!
Full Event Details: HERE


  • Connor-Mcw

    Connor McWhorter,PopGoesThaWorldEntertainment@gmail.com,My favorite song is ‘Superwoman’ because it helped me thru a rough time in my life.
    PLEASE JON CHOOSE ME..Shontelle is my idol(:

  • Andrew Clark

    Andrew Clark – anpat13@gmail.com

    My favorite song by Shontellegend is Perfect Nightmare because it is one of the strongest hair-flippin’, pussy poppin’ anthems to come out in the last few years and the video was amazing! It also was a dance song that didn’t prescribe to the overdone electropop format, which gives me hope that Shontelle will carve out her own spot in the music scene!

  • Dorian Jackson

    Dorian Jackson
    “Stuck With Each Other” is my favorite Shontelle song. I relate to it bc of my current relationship that has been on and off for almost 4 years now. And it’s been going strong with no problems lately. If I win, I’ll be taking him with me <3

  • Clem

    Clement Lee, theclem_at_gmail.com

    “Battle Cry” is my favorite! It’s definitely her catchiest song and carries such a positive message about friendship and trust.

  • ricardo henriquez

    Shontelle – Stuck With Each Other ft. Akon … it love this song because its a cute song. its could relate to a friendship, relationship, or just family bond. the lyrics are sweet and so truthful to the point.

  • Malcolm Richardson

    Malcolm Richardson

    my favorite shontelle song would be Say Hello To Goodbye because it really helped me get through a bad break up!! I really Love Shontelle alot!! SHe is an amazing artist who is underappreciated!! Please pick me Jon it would be amazing to see her live in person!!

  • Renee Gaughran

    I love ever song Shontelle has ever recorded. I’ve been a fan since day one. I still play out her Shontellgence album. My favorite song from her is No Gravity. The meaning is so true and the sont totally touched my life. I really need to be at this party, I never saw Shontelle live and now is my chance and I live like 15mins from there 🙁 Pls or pls pick me.

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