Drake: ‘Headlines’ Video Premiere!

Check out the video premiere for Drake‘s latest single “Headlines” from his sophomore album “Take Care” due out October 24th! Directed by Lamar Taylor and Hyghly Alleyne, the 24-year-old rapper filmed the video in his hometown of Toronto with his OVO crew. I’m loving the editing in this one. Be sure to check it out, Enjoy!

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  • Farraf

    HOW DO PEOPLE NOT REALIZE how much of a better rapper Drake is than Jay-Z?!

    Drake’s flow, lyrics, melodes…rhymes in general sound miles ahead of what Jay typically raps about.

    Jay’s been around longer, but Drake is killing him.
    Jay-Z is always called “best rapper alive” but when I hear any Jay-Z song compared to DRAKE…

    DRAKE always wins, more complicated flows, PLUS he can sing, that’s just a bonus.

    *thanks for posting different genre’s of music*

  • GC

    Drizzzyyyyy!!!! This video is on point! Been jamming to this song for a couple weeks now and this video just made it that much better 🙂

  • Str33t-World

    Look the guy in the sweater with the owl, makes you think ’bout illiminati. I personally think rappers put this sort of signs in there clips to get attention and people talkin’ bout it, an get in the spotlights. But the clip is fire! Welldone Drake!

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