Jessie J: ‘Who You Are’ Video Premiere!

Check out the video for Jessie J‘s fifth UK single from her debut album “Who You Are.” The title track from the album has always been my favorite of hers so I’m happy to see it getting the single treatment. What do you guys think?

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  1. Matt

    One of the best songs of the year EASILY, what’s with the lame video?? I appreciate simplicity but that was boring…

  2. kiki

    your description really describe right exactly what I feel Ali. best one from the album, so glad it became a single 😀

  3. Kayla

    I like it. Very simple and nice. Fits the song well in my opinion. Who You Are has always been my favorite Jessie J song. I’m glad its a single.

  4. Timm

    I love it! This is my favorite song from the album, so I’m very glad she put it out as a single. I love the video, it’s simple, yet, not to overpowering for the song!!!

  5. Andrew

    Not a fan – she should have passed on this and just made a video for her brilliant single “Domino”. That song will actually give her the attention she deserves.

  6. Hana

    i’ve always thought this song’s video would be more emotional. i expected this kind of simplicity, but more emotion from Jessie J. still, i love her songs!

  7. Jerry

    I agree with everyone else, Who You Are has always been a favorite of mine and I’m so excited to see it released as a single. I really love the simplicity of this video. It empowers the already empowering message. Absolutely wonderful.


    This video took too long to get to the good part! I wanted a huge emo drama storyline.

    The first jess video JonAli posted before of Jessie singing WHO YOU ARE LIVE IN A NYC SUBWAY was miles better
    that this official video.

    I pray WHO YOU ARE gets massive radio play in america, wtf is up with USA radio, they need to be playing
    “Domino” & “whouare” back to back every hour!

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