The Saturdays: ‘My Heart Takes Over’ Premiere!

Earlier today, The Saturdays premiered their brand new single “My Heart Takes Over” on The Chris Moyles Breakfast Show on Radio 1! The track serves as the third single from their upcoming studio album titled “On Your Radar.” After releasing the club-ready “Notorious” and the flaw free “All Fired Up,” the girls slow it down with “My Heart Takes Over.” The radio-friendly power ballad may not be their best offering but it’s indeed a nice song and should be another chart winner for them. “On Your Radar” set to be released on November 21st will see the girls collaborate with producers including Space Cowboy, Steve Mac, David Eriksen and Brian Higgins – as well as a feature by Travie McCoy. I’m ready!

DOWNLOAD: My Heart Takes Over

The Saturdays will release their new single “My Heart Takes Over” in the UK on November 13th!


  1. CG Girl

    Thanks Jon! This song is okay but it’s not better than their former ballads:”Missing You” and “Issues”. It’s generic and a little whiny. AND what happen to all of the girls sharing a part? It will take time for it to possibly grow on me.

  2. CG Girl

    ….Also with Vanessa taking over I thought she was going to slam it out of the part. this was very disappointing solo from her.

  3. Sebastian

    3/5 i just can’t give it more, i like it but i don’t loved it, it’s too much to request an style like “Set Me Off”, that used to be an amazing song. it won’t grow on me.

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