First Listen: Enrique Iglesias & Jennifer Lopez ‘Mouth2Mouth’

Latin superstar, Enrique Iglesias is a little over a month away from re-releasing his ninth studio album “Euphoria” on November 15th! The set will feature new tracks including “Mouth2Mouth,” a duet with Jennifer Lopez. The hot dance track sees Enrique reuniting with DJ Frank E who is responsible for his hit single, “Tonight (I’m Lovin’ You).” It’s about time they’ve jumped on a record together. This has not been confirmed to be the final version but I’m liking it so far. What do you guys think?

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  1. Ricky

    lol um… dance track? No.

    But yeah, def looking forward to the remixes. If this was more upbeat and pussy poppin, it would be a hit.

  2. number1k9

    I love it! Jennifer makes the song, but this son g is catchy. SHOULLLLD be a hit on radio and def released as a single.

    I prefer this than “I Like How It Feels” by a lot!

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