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Song of the Week: Sunday Girl ‘Love U More’

This weeks Song of the Week comes from Jade Williams who is most commonly known as Sunday Girl. The 24-year-old singer-songwriter recently premiered her brand-new single “Love U More” and I’ve been obsessing over it since. Having released several singles over the past two years, Jade may finally be releasing her debut album soon with a release date set for the first quarter of 2012. “Love U More” is a fantastic cover of the 1992 hit by Sunscreem and was produced by Mark Ralph (Hot Chip). The euphoric, trance-heavy production mixed with Jade‘s soft vocal delivery make this one of her best releases yet. The UK songstress may finally get her time to shine. What do you guys think?

DL Link 2: HERE

Sunday Girl will release her new single “Love U More” in the UK on October 30th!


  • Sebastian

    i was searching on the blog, i found this, i thought, why not give it a chance to listen to it? and i found this 4/5 not the best, not bad. just listen to this guys if you like pop, it is not bad, it is a lil’bit catchy. but listen to me, a lil’bit. But who am i to give my opinion? Well, i am a critic from Music in the USA, so guys you will see the best and real comments about music from me.

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