Gloria Estefan: ‘Wepa’ Video Premiere!

Yes, I am posting about Gloria Estefan. Fresh off the release of her eleventh studio album “Miss Little Havana” yesterday, the 54-year-old has just premiered the video for her single “Wepa.” I heard the Pharrell Williams-produced track about two months ago but I shrugged it off and that was that. After watching the Ray Kay-directed video, I’ve instantly fallen in love with the Latin infused dance number. She may have not released an English album since 2003β€²s “Unwrapped” but Gloria has still got it and is displaying some Latin Diva realness in “Wepa.” I am so slayed and you’re so pressed. Check out the video below, Enjoy!

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  1. Sebastian

    i just hated it, this sucks so much, i just don’t know why does Gloria’s still doing music, she’s an ancient, she should take a rest on her house, she’s like my grandmother trying to be “young and fresh”, please, it makes me eww!!!

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