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Jon ALi Interviews: Nervo

Last week, I got the chance to chat with Australian sisters Mim and Liv who more commonly known as Nervo or the Nervo Twins. After years of working behind the scenes and writing pop hits for David Guetta (When Love Takes Over), Kylie Minogue (Put Your Hands Up), Armin van Buuren (Not Giving Up on Love), and more. The Nervo girls are finally ready to step out into the spotlight on their own. Over the summer the duo brought their energetic DJ sets to Britney Spears‘ massive Femme Fatale Tour and traveled the U.S with the hottest Dj’s at the Identity Festival. That’s not all. The girls are just starting to pour out their own material, starting with current single “We’re All No One” featuring Afrojack and Steve Aoki, all while still penning hits for others. They’ve just finished working on a track with Nicole Scherzinger, have done a record for Agnes (Don’t Go Breaking My Heart), and the queen of pop herself, Madonna, has expressed a major interest in recording one of their songs for her new album. Nervo is about to takeover. Check out my full interview with the girls below and find out what more we can expect from them soon. Enjoy!

Jon: Hello

Nervo: Hi!

Jon: Hey guys! How are you?

Nervo: Good. We’re doing very well. Thank You. How are you?

Jon: I’m great. Excited to speak with you, I actually just featured you guys as Single of the Week last week.

Nervo: Aww! That is amazing. Thank you so much.

Jon: I absolutely love “We’re All No One” and I got some great feedback from it so I was more than happy to.

Nervo: We really appreciate that. Which edit did you feature?

Jon: The radio version.

Nervo: That’s so great and so good to hear. It’s very different from what we’re known for so we’ve been freaking out that people might not like it.

Jon: No worries. I think you’re creating some great buzz with this one.

Nervo: Yay! Good. Thank You.

Jon: No problem. Now I know you guys have had a crazy summer from being on the Femme Fatale tour and then touring with the Identity Festival. How has it all been for you?

Nervo: Its been incredible. We’re pinching ourselves everyday, we love being in America. Its been great to do a pop arena tour then straight off into what we’re use to, which was the festival, a electronic tour. American crowds go crazy, we love it, Its addictive.

Jon: Yeah, I believe it. I actually got to attend one of the stops of the Identity Festival and I made sure to stop by your set. People were going wild.

Nervo: Yes! Good, we try and make them go wild. Its no fun unless you can wild [Laughs].

Jon: [Laughs] Exactly! You guys have been around for quite some time but its been more behind the scenes. You’ve been writing, producing, and you’re starting to blow up as DJ’s. It must be a really exciting time for you. How does it feel to be doing everything now?

Nervo: Yeah! About us stepping away from behind the scenes, it was never really intended. We’ve been working in the studio for like seven years because we love working in the studio and the creative process. Writing and producing a song; having a start, a middle, and an end. I guess having worked with all the people we have like David Guetta and Ke$ha. We got a record deal and the label wanted us to release some stuff. We wanted it to sound very different from anything we’ve done in the past. At the same time we also wanted to keep it in the family and collaborate with our friends in the electronic world. I think we’ve got it, you know? People are liking it. We love it and we’re so happy to be able to release music in our own name. Couldn’t be happier.

Jon: I totally get what you’re saying. You guys are definitely out there and doing it. You’ve been on these tours and you’ve developed these relationships with great people. I think that’s great because you’re developing your own lane and sound.

Nervo: Aww thank you. Well we’re trying. Were trying so that’s good to hear.

Jon: Yeah, I mean its already working. I’m sure that’s how you got together with Steve Aoki and Afrojack. You’ve known them for awhile, right?

Nervo: Yeah, we have. Its funny we’ve been working with all of these guys like David Guetta and everyone for years. It was fun when we started telling people that we were going to start taking our Djing seriously. They were all so supportive. They gave us the confidence to do it ourselves. We’re so lucky, not only we have great friends to work with but we get to travel with them as well in the festivals.

Jon: Yeah, totally. There is nothing better than traveling with people that you love.

Nervo: I know. We’re pinching ourselves everyday.

Jon: Now I know the single is out. Are you only concentrating on your stuff or are you guys still working with other people?

Nervo: We’re doing a lot for other people. We actually just finished working with Nicole Scherzinger, she just recorded one of our records. It will be for her album. We’ve also written Agnes new single “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart” which is out now.

Jon: Really!? I literally just posted that song yesterday. I had no idea.

Nervo: Aww yes! We helped write and produce it.

Jon: That’s wonderful! I really love it.

Nervo: So glad to hear it! Yes, so we’re always working with others. It’s funny, we have our foot in the pop world and the club world. So at the same time we have our pop stuff but we also have stuff coming out with Norman Doray, Paul Harris, Sultan, Avicii, the Steve Aoki and Afrojack track of course, and we’re also on David Guetta‘s album. We wrote the Jennifer Hudson song.

Jon: Yes! You guys are keeping busy. I love the Jennifer Hudson track, definitely one of the highlights on the album. I would love for it to be a single.

Nervo: Aww, Thank You. I don’t think he will. Our favorite records on the album are “Without You” and “Titanium,” so I’m not sure he will. There are so many singles on the album so I’m not sure if it will happen but its an honor to be on the David Guetta album. We haven’t been credited on the physical release but we’re on the digital release.

Jon: I’ll be sure to let people know.

Nervo: Yes! We’re telling everyone [Laughs].

Jon: Yes, yes. So you’re definitely working with just about everyone. As for your stuff; what is the plan? Are you working on the album? Will we be hearing more singles?

Nervo: Yes, we’re working on an album. We got our next single coming out with Avicii, which should be out before the end of the year or early next year. After that we have another single that we’ve done with Danja who worked a lot with Nelly Furtado and Justin Timberlake, so that’s going to be our third. We’re constantly working, excited to release stuff and move people with music.

Jon: Yes! I can’t wait. The list of people you’ve been working with is amazing. I have no doubts that you guys are going to be doing great things.

Nervo: Aww thank you! I actually have some enormous news for you. We’ve just started telling people. Madonna has expressed a great interest in recording one of our songs and William Orbit wants to produce it. That’s like wow, we honestly are so lucky. We couldn’t be more excited.

Jon: Wow is correct, that is seriously amazing.

Nervo: I know!

Jon: I’m thrilled, I can’t even imagine how you guys feel.

Nervo: I know! Its funny, we speak to our parents quite a bit. We always tell them what we’re doing and who we’re working with and they don’t really know of them. I told them Madonna and they jumped for joy so we’re so excited. It’s not 100% confirmed but she has expressed an interest.

Jon: That alone is just amazing. I really hope it goes well.

Nervo: Yeah. Us too, us too.

Jon: Okay yay! Well that was basically all I had today but thank you so much for taking time to talk with me today. It’s been great.

Nervo: Thank you! You’ve been wonderful and thank you for featuring us as your Single of the Week.

Jon: No problem!

Nervo: Take care Jon!

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