Rihanna: ‘We Found Love’ Single Premiere!

It’s here! The premiere of Rihanna‘s brand-new single “We Found Love” has just arrived. The track serves as the first official single for her sixth studio album due out November 21st! The Calvin Harris-produced single is a romantic disco anthem destined to takeover the charts. I’m loving her vocals on this one, super soft and sweet. That Rihanna reign just won’t let up! What do you guys think?

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  1. Love this song!!!

  2. Already like it, but can tell this is a grower. This is hot.



  4. does she ever rest ?? honestly i’m a little sick of her, but her songs are good, i don’t know anymore what to think :))

  5. I love it! Cant wait to pop my shit to this in the club.

  6. I HATE IT

  7. Kind of boring. Sounds like it could be a Loud album track. I don’t know. Maybe it’ll grow on me, like Calvin and Kelis’s “Bounce” did.

  8. boring. i find all of these generic club tracks so interchangeable. it’s like any person can be singing the lyrics.

  9. I am Sad, this is Garbage, i hope this grow on me I love her

  10. maybe is really noise and so egual rihanna’s song,but i think we are living in the age when rihanna change pop music..this can like us or not but it’s the thruth..i think this song is amazing!


  12. tragedy

  13. I loved it on first listen, but I’m REALLY loving it now. It’s a grower and will continue to grow on me.


  15. OMG! 2 Albums in a year. You’re right Ali, That Rihanna reign just won’t let up! woo! Go RiRi! I love your coolness! Drink to that!! 😀

  16. I can’t really describe WHY i love this song. I’ve always liked Rihanna although sometimes her material isn’t Grade A. Honestly didn’t know what to expect from her with this song/album being rushed so fast. I don’t know if its the beat, her voice (which sounds AMAZING) or the subject matter – something makes me feel inspired. Very nice work Rihanna, I just really hope this hits in the US. Its really Euro.

  17. They’re rushing this shit out there because Beyonce is pregnant and no female pop artist (besides Kelly Clarkson) has new music coming out in the next few months. Sounds like chart strategy to me. They’re smart but it reeks of cheeeeap.

  18. Wow rihanna is prolific, wasn’t expecting anything from her until late 2012, but not complaning!!

  19. I LOVE THIS SONG!!! Finally, a first single that really gets me excited. Cant wait for the album.

  20. It grows on you. I love it now! It needs to be turned up loud or listened to thru headphones.

  21. That’s not true, Sean. JoJo has an album coming out in October. It has nothing to do with Beyoncé’s pregnancy. That’s a silly theory. Anyways, I think the song is ok. Nothing extraordinary. Just ok.


  23. Love this so much, i Was Hoping That This Song Would Calvin Harris Single. Doesn’t Matter Can’t Stop Dancing =) We Found Love

  24. It sounds like a demo to me… something’s missing. It amazes me that a song like “Not Myself Tonight” can bomb and yet a generic dance beat with Rihanna on loop is going to, as you say “rule the charts”. Love Rihanna but this just doesn’t do anything for me.

  25. it just sounds like the same beat and the rhythm over and over again. surprisingly, even the lyrics are kinda weak which is unusual on a Rihanna track!

  26. Topher, really? JoJo? She hasnt been relevant for years. Please.

  27. Yeah, I take back what I said yesterday. I can’t stop listening to this now. It really does sound better through headphones. I’m sure it would be great in a club, too. The remixes will awesome.

  28. Love Rihanna but this song sucks. Sounds cheap and hate Calvin Harris. Im sure there would been better tracks to release as the first single

  29. thanks for this! i agree with a lot of other people, it’s a grower.

  30. her voice sounds amazing

  31. RiYAWNa does it again!

  32. Sean, seriously? That’s the dumbest theory I’ve ever heard.

  33. this song is very generic

  34. why the link for download cannot work already? ):

  35. Yeahh the download link won’t let me download it ;(

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