Cher Lloyd: ‘With Ur Love’ Featuring Mike Posner!

Moments ago, Cher Lloyd premiered her brand-new single “With Ur Love” on BCC Radio 1 with Scott Mills. The 17-year-old British songstress has enlisted Mike Posner to collaborate with her on the laid-back mid-tempo jam produced by Max Martin. Those of you who didn’t enjoy the noisy but irresistibly catchy “Swagger Jagger” may find yourself warming up to this one much faster. It’s easier on the ears. The track is super cute and I have no doubts that it will be another hit for little Miss Cher Lloyd. What do you guys think?

DOWNLOAD: With Ur Love (Featuring Mike Posner)

Cher Lloyd will release her new single “With Ur Love” featuring Mike Posner on October 30th (UK)!


  1. Samer

    How can we get cher lloyd noticed in the states? I think swagger jagger would be a big hit here if people just knew about it! It’s such a great song to dance to. And here we have another great song from her! We need to get this girl noticed over here!

  2. Tommy

    Ok Max Martin kills it on the production and lyrics again again and again. Seriously!!!!!! Love her voice. That man can seriously do no wrong,! He must come up with these hooks in his sleep!

  3. CG Girl

    I like this single better. A little generic but the song is cute and her vocals sound good! I just wish she left Posner out. This is a song describing how she feels about a love one, no duets, just produce!

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