Sean Paul: ‘Got 2 Luv’ w/ Alexis Jordan (Video Premiere)

After a two year break, Sean Paul is back and getting ready to release his fifth studio album early next year. “Got 2 Luv” featuring newcomer Alexis Jordan will serve as the official single. Ben Mor directed the video for the Stargate-produced single which is digitally available now. I loved me some Sean Paul when he first came out but I’m not sure if this track is going to cut it. What do you guys think?

BUY Sean Paul’s new single “Got 2 Luv” with Alexis Jordan on iTunes NOW!



  1. I personally love Alexis Jordan very much, and i like everything she does. So love this track too !:)

  2. im feeling his Mohawk! and Alexis is great as always.

  3. personally i dont really like sean paul…but the thing that saves this song in my opinion is the wonderful vocals from alexis. she sounds really good here and i like her so she might save him…and who knows maybe this will get her voice onto some mainstream radio and get her out there

  4. this is a 2+ year old Ryan Tedder demo titled Not 2 Luv You that was obviously re-worked a little. i dunno.

  5. i like the song, but the video is boring

  6. I surprisingly love it. 🙂

  7. very mediocre song with a really nice video. but what is with that hair-do?

  8. HE’S BACK! (?) 😀

  9. what is that on his head LMAO!!

  10. This song was produced by Stargate

  11. Great track! But wazzup with that mohawk?!

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