Jon ALi: ‘Drive’ Prize Pack – Giveaway!

 Canadian actor and my longtime crush, Ryan Gosling is just days away from releasing hew new film Drive this Friday (September 16)! I don’t post much on here about films, but this particular film comes with a fantastic soundtrack. The album boasts an original score by Cliff Martinez, one time drummer for Lydia Lunch, the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Captain Beefheart as well as the composer behind scores for Wicker Park, Wonderland and Pump Up The Volume, amongst many other projects. It also feature songs by Kavinsky & Lovefoxxx, The Chromatics, Desire, and much more (You can check out a sampler below!). In celebration of the films release, I’m giving away a Prize Pack including a few goodies.

1 pair of Driving Gloves
1 Keychain
1 USB Car Charger
1 USB Drive
Character Posters:
• 1 Driver – Ryan Gosling
• 1 Nino – Ron Perlman
• 1 Irene – Carey Mulligan

How To Enter:
Leave a comment below with your full name and email address!

BUY the “Drive (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)” on iTunes NOW!

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  1. ewellllin

    awww i heart to see ryan gosling and carey mulligan in a movie together! definitely would like to find out more about the movie.

  2. steven contreras

    I love car movies. anything from the italian job to gone in 60 seconds to the fast and furious films, and even the silly disney movie Cars. and what really can make and break a film in this category or really any thriller is the soundtrack. Think quentin tarantino, his music choices make his films. Also think Wanted and the music score made that film more entertaining; more badass by the pumping beats in the background. I love ryan gosling and can’t wait to see this film, it looks like a smart thriller with cars involved win!! vroom vroom

    steven contreras

  3. Jessica Madlangsakay

    I’ve been looking forward to this since I first saw it a san diego comic con. To win this would be amazing! love your blog!

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