Frankmusik & Colette Carr: ‘No I.D.’ Video Premiere

Check out the video premiere for Frankmusik‘s new single “No I.D.” featuring Cherrytree Records labelmate Colette Carr. I’m loving the chemistry between them in the Grease inspired video. This is everything a pop video should be. Fun, colorful, sexy, and of course the random choreography. I absolutely love it! What do you guys think?

BUY Frankmusik’s new single “No I.D.” with Colette Carr on iTunes NOW!


  1. Boo AOL & VEVO

    can u do something about this…its kinda annoying when you are excited to watch the vid…but you cant because of some restrictions

  2. CG Girl

    Lv it! Frankmusik is really talented. Thanks for posting on him a couple of months ago otherwise I would have never found out about him. lv the song and video as well. Lv everything about it!

  3. 9021O

    I swear Frankmusik, Calvin Harris, Example, Simon Curtis should all tour together ” Tour Metro” they have this vibe about them that’s cutting edge not over exposed yet and totally innovative.

  4. Sean

    I am a huge fan of Complete Me. I am beyond confused by the makeover CherryTree has given him. I can’t even listen to this song the whole way through. No ID is garbage.

    Listen to In Step or Confusion Girl to understand what I’m talking about.

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