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Dev: ‘The Night the Sun Came Up’ – Album Preview!

Rising pop star, Dev is just weeks away from releasing her debut album “The Night the Sun Came Up” on September 20th! The album includes her current single “In The Dark” which is quickly climbing the Billboard Hot 100 (currently #37) and her breakout hit “Bass Down Low.” The 22-year-old singer-songwriter has been everywhere this year by appearing on tracks with Far East Movement, the New Boyz, JLS, Timbaland, and an upcoming track on Demi Lovato‘s new album “Unbroken.” For her debut, Dev is out to prove she is not a one trick pony. While most of you may be use to her club ready anthems, you may be surprised to hear a new side of Dev on a majority of the albums cuts. Completely produced by The Cataracs, “The Night the Sun Came Up” has something for everyone and makes it clear that she is here to stay. I caught up with Dev recently and we talked about the album and some of my favorite tracks. Check them out below!

“I titled the album “The Night the Sun Came Up” because it represented the theme of the whole thing. The album is like my storybook, from the artwork to the tracklisting. It tells my stories of the small town I grew up in, to where I am in my life now. I thought the album title represented that really well, its a statement. The good, the bad, the ugly, the pretty, the dark.”


Getaway is my favorite song off the album. It starts off really soft and pretty then transitions into a more hip-hop influenced beat. In the three minutes of the song it basically sums up everything from having to leave my family and everything I was comfortable with; sacrificing all of that to be successful and fulfill my dreams. Its very close to my heart.”

Take Her From You

Take Her From You is one of the more darker songs on the album, its very personal. Niles (The Cataracs) had written most of it a very long time ago. When we were in the process of making the album he brought it up and we wanted to change the words around so that I’d be speaking more towards a male. I liked that it was written for a female. It has a little twist on it. I recently shot a really cool video for it but I don’t want to speak on it too much yet. Everyone will see it soon.”


“We recorded it in Costa Rica and its one of the more uptempo songs on the album. Its kind of just a sassier version of me describing my feelings of my journey and how I got to where I am. Definitely hoping it’ll be a single, its great. It sounds amazing in the clubs and is a great song to perform.”

Dancing Shoes

Dancing Shoes is definitely one of the prettiest and best put together songs on the album. The song is about my feelings from my entertainer perspective. A few years ago I didn’t do this at all. I was just going to school and working at Old Navy. Now I’m traveling the world and doing what I love. I just really wanted to get the message across that everything is going great and I’m happy. It can be really dark at times. Even though its the prettiest song, if you listen to the words, its kind of sad.”


Shadows makes my mom cry every time she listens to it. Its a very dark song, probably one of the saddest on the album. Its me being honest about all my imperfections. A different side of me that people have heard before.”

“The Night the Sun Came Up” is available now in the UK and in the US on Tuesday (November 1)!

DOWNLOAD: The Night the Sun Came Up (Mini-Mix)


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