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Song of the Week: Cady Groves ‘This Little Girl’

This weeks Song of the Week comes from pop newcomer, Cady Groves. The 21-year-old singer-songwriter recently released her debut single “This Little Girl” and I absolutely love it. Cady got her start as a popular MySpace artist when she would post acoustic versions to her songs. From there she released two EP’s: A Month of Sundays in ’09 and The Life of a Pirate in March of ’10. Now signed to RCA Records, Cady has spent the last year recording her major label debut. “This Little Girl” was co-penned by Cady, Sean Douglas and Tom Meredith and was produced by Swedish pop mastermind, Kristian Lundin. I love the mixture of Cady‘s soft vocals with the intense lyrics, she is definitely not someone you want to mess with. What do you guys think?

Download Cady Groves debut single “This Little Girl” for FREE at her official website.


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