Introducing: Kimbra

It’s been quite some time since I introduced you guys to a new artist so lets get back into it. This week I would like to introduce New Zealand singer-songwriter, Kimbra. The first time I heard of Kimbra was when she released her popular debut single and video for “Settle Down” last year and ever since it has received rave reviews from tons of critics and blogs. The 21-year-old Australian based singer has just released her debut album “Vows” in New Zealand and is just days away from its Australian release on Friday (September 2). What I love about Kimbra is that she isn’t your average female singer-songwriter. Her voice is quirky yet has a modern jazzy sensibility but still she manages to create a current indie-pop sound. It doesn’t stop at her voice either, Kimbra has knack for theatrics and its all very clear in her ‘out there’ visuals. It’s all very intriguing and easily makes her an artist to keep your eye on. I’m expecting great things from her so here’s hoping she makes her way to the states and U.K eventually. You can stream her album below! What do you guys think?

Download: Cameo Lover
Link 2: HERE

DOWNLOAD: Good Intent
Link 2: HERE


  1. Jeremy

    I’m so glad more people are talking bout Kimbra. Her voice, sound, and style are gold! I just got her album and it’s amazing. Let me know if you need a link to it.

  2. ike

    Yes! Kimbra is awesome. Bought her album just a couple of days ago. It’s good. She’s also good on the single Somebody That I Used To Know with Gotye

  3. Popmusicity

    You really need to feature the stunning Gotye single ‘Somebody That I Used To Know’ with Kimbra. She has a relatively small, but pivotal role on the track. It is, in my opinion, the song of the year so far…!

  4. rokestar

    WOW! i just love this about your blog, I get to hear of new interesting artist whome I would’nt hear anywere eles! thanks! she is lovely!

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